Introducing the
Ultra ® PMU Device


the lightest and most portable machines on the markeT

Introducing the
Ultra ® PMU Device

the lightest and most portable machines on the markeT

Ultra ® PMU Device

The Ultra ® PMU Device is one of the most beloved machines for permanent makeup.

Are you a professional or training microblading/permanent make up artist looking for premium-quality and easy to use PMU tools to use on your clients? Tired of being weighed down by cords and wires when trying to design intricate eyebrow tattoos, ombre powder brows, and other permanent make up? If so, then the Ultra ® PMU Device is the solution you’ve been looking for!

High quality wireless PMU Machine



Beauty that lasts forever


This device gives the artist complete comfort and control while working. Not only can it easily provide you with a mostly wireless experience, allowing you to work anywhere rather than remaining stuck near a wall, but it also provides artist with a variety of technique options so that your clients get the eyebrows of their dreams no matter what they are looking for.


Our wireless PMU machine is perfect for PMU artists who don’t wish to be tied down with wires while working on clients thanks to being completely cordless. This is thanks to our wireless PMU Machine featuring a rechargeable lithium battery that can last up to 2 – 3 hours when fully charged and can be quickly charged in approximately two hours. The system has 4 automatic modes. We have created this device to give a solution to PMU specialist world wide.

Given its high level of needle insertions per second capacity, this powerful device meets the highest standards of permanent cosmetic industry.


The Ultra ® PMU Device handle has been made of high quality materials. It is also characterized by a simple and elegant design.

Our cordless permanent make up machine has been designed to operate at a low noise level as to not both your client or disrupt your concentration while working on them. Plus, our PMU Machine is easy to grip thanks to its ergonomic design, ensuring you always have full control over it when working.


If you’re on the lookout for a machine that can perform several tasks, from fixing eyebrows, lips, and eyeliners, to covering acne scars on your skin, improving wrinkles, fine lines, skin pigmentation, and wound healing, this is the most preferred. . The machine has adjustable speed and works without making too much noise. The needles are crafted using aluminum alloy and are used by makeup artists all over the world.

♥ Ultra ® PMU Device ♥

The cartridge system, developed for Ultra ® PMU Device, provides comfort when working on details.  You can perform Ombre Brows faster and more accurate. We designed and build the best and sharpest needles through sourcing  materials and developing processes that would allow the needles to deliver exceptional ink flow, each and every time Each set contains 10 cartridges – designed to work with all pigments available on the market.


Model: Q-ONE Speed: 17,500 – 22,000 rpm (RPM).
Power supply: 100 – 240 V 50/60 Hz | EUROPEAN PLUG
Output: DV 7.5V – 1A
Standard of performance: Q / BST001
Package Weight: 2.5 kg
External packaging size: 240 x 335 x 62 mm
Degree of protection against water: standard equipment (IPXO)
Battery charging time: 2 hours


Kate Tiu Definition panel
Kate Tiu Definition handle
Power adapter
USB cable
Box with cartridges (10 pcs.)

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